Extra Credit

It is part of my belief structure that all people, in most circumstances, should be afforded the opportunity to make up for mistakes. As such, students are always permitted and encouraged to seek extra credit. I also believe deeply in the value of service learning, so all extra credit in my classes takes the form of community service.

To receive extra credit, students must volunteer at a charity of their choosing in 3-hour increments. They must then write a 500+ word essay (informal Englishes are acceptable for this) detailing what they learned through their service. This essay must be turned in, along with proof of service*, to turnitin.com by the last day of class. For every 3 hours worked, students may add 10 points to their final grade or eliminate attendance grade penalties for 1 absence or two tardies. You may do as many hours of community service for extra credit as you wish, so long as they are in 3-hour increments.

NOTE: Students may not substitute donated monies or items for volunteer work.

* To turn in proof, take a picture of the form you are given by the charity for which you volunteered and attach it to the last page of your document. Proof of service sheets are required to have the name of the charity, the signature and phone number of the shift's supervisor or volunteer coordinator, the date(s) you volunteered, the number of hours, and the time range in which you were volunteering.

A non-exhaustive list of charities follows: