Genetics (BIOL 2416)

Instructor: Brian Mahon

I am teaching this course at Central this Spring 2018. It will be held Fridays (all-day Class, lecture 8 am - 10:50 am & Lab 11 am -1:50 pm).

This course has a high degree of Active Learning and Team-based content and requires participation in both Classroom and Laboratory activities.

In addition to lecture topics in transmission and molecular genetics as well as population and medical genetics, we will be doing Labs with fruit flies, making slides of our own cells to see our own DNA using microscopes and other techniques. We will utilize the Polymersase Chain Reaction technique to either detect Genetic Modifications in food products (GMO) or Forensic Crime Scene analysis, we will also genetically modify bacteria and other fascinating activities in the Lab.

I hope you will join us this Spring, Dr. Mahon

We are using the textbook Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, 5th ed. by Pierce published by Macmillan and is available at the bookstore as a three-hole punched loose leaf with access to the online LaunchPad system. You can also get e-book access with purchase of access to LaunchPad online if you don't want a printed book.


Female cheek cell with Barr Body (inactive X)
Female cheek cell with Barr Body (inactive X)