Reading Assignments

Link Reading Assignment 01 Reading for 7/11/2017 (10/57-13/57) *Introduction Only* Link Reading Assignment 02 Reading for quiz on 7/12/2017 Link Reading Assignment 03 Reading for quiz on 7/13/2017 Supplemental video: Link Reading Assignment 04 for 7/18/2017 Commentary: Understanding media's extensions, by Huimin Jin. Text is Available through the HCCS library system in articles / EBSCO search engine. You will need your student ID to access the article remotely, though all computers on campus will grant access. Be ready for a quiz! Link Reading Assignment 5 (For class on 7/19/2017) You are only required to read Chapters 1 and 2, on the Education of the Architect and the fundamental principles of Architecture. Be prepared for a Quiz! Link Reading Assignment 06 "What Clotheslines and Pop beads aren't trashy anymore? Teaching about Kitsch" by Kristin G. Congdon and Doug Blandy. Article can be accessed through the H.C.C.S. library page/articles search "kitsch". Quiz on section up to p. 205 "Kitsch and Resistance" Link Reading Assignment 07 Article Available through HCCS Library/Articles/JSTOR The Obsolescence of Sculpture Kirk Savage American Art Vol. 24, No. 1 (Spring 2010), pp. 9-14 Be prepared for a quiz on Monday 7/24/2017! Link Reading Assignment 09 Be prepared for a quiz (07/26/2017) on the article in the link. Here is a supplementary link for images of the exhibition: Link Reading Assignment 10 Be prepared for a quiz on August 3rd- This is our last quiz, make it count!