Resources for Project 2

Link New Religious Movements Link H.A.T.C.H Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals - Support group for gay and questioning teens Link New Religious Movements Detailed listing of all new religious movements File Written Assignment Instructions Instructions on how to construct your project Link APA Citation Generator Link APA Citation Generator Link Born into Brothels (2004) Documentary based in India on the children of sex workers that grow up in brothels Link The Transgender Taboo Documentary film on taboos behind transgendered peopke Link Guide on writing APA style Link Worst Places to be Gay (Documentary) Link Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (Documentary) Link Brainwashed by the Westboro Church Westboro Church led the field in aversion therapy curing gays of their affliction. Link Streets of Plenty (Documentary) Documentary on how a man joined the homeless population of Vancouver and all of the stressors associated with homeless people. Has aspects of harm reduction Link Banking on Heaven Movie on FLDS polygomist groups Link Tribal Wives Link Lev Tahor (2014) Documentary of a sect of Ultra Orthodox Jews living in Canada as a cult and the abuses of women and children Link Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program Link My Deadly Appetite (Prader Willie) Documentary on Prader Willi patients Link Buddhism and Death Link Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Documentary following groups of gypsies and the high incidents of domestic violence and arranged marriages Link Missionaries of Hate Documentary on anti-gay movements in Uganda Link Secret World of Hasidism Link Orthodox Judaism in New York Link PFFLAG (Parents, Friends, Family of Lesbians and Gays) Support group for friends and family of people who identify as LGBT Link Hummingbird Documentary on Domestic Violence in Brazil Link Medication for the treatment of Heroin Medications available in the US for heroin addiction bur treatment centers refuse to use them Media Embed Bride Groom (Documentary) Documentary about after the sudden death of a gay male that was married for several years with his partner died and how the family immediately stepped in and excluded the partner and their friends to have any interaction nor participation after the death Media Embed Cloudburst (3 min preview) This is a preview for a movie that I saw on Netflix however I could not locate it from any other source Media Embed Brainwashing by the Westboro Baptist Church (Part 1 of 2) Documentary that follows the Westboro Church that advocate and are known to oicket the funerals of soldiers returning from war and gay Media Embed Brainwashing by the Westboro Baptist Church (Part 2 of 2) Part 2/2 for the Westboro video Media Embed Most Hated Family (Documentary) Documentary following an extremist religious family that are homophobic and the tactics they use to pass their message to the general family Media Embed Inside the Westboro Baptist Church (Frontline Edition) Reported follows the group as they picket the burials of soldoers returning home from was and gays Media Embed Abuse of children with the custody of Texas' CPS Audio file about several cases of abuse within foster homes in Texas Link Abuse of children with the custody of Texas' CPS (Part 2) Media Embed Islam: Empire of Faith Video is educational about Islsm Media Embed Gay Muslims Documentary follows gay muslims living in the UK and the issues they face. Follow the link on bottom of the screen. Media Embed The untold story of Psychotrophic medication (Documentary) Media Embed My Sex and I Documentary about gender ambiguity due to genetic abnormality (XXX, XXY, XYY,XXYY, etc) Media Embed Website for center that caters to Transgendered community Link Way behind Weight Documentary about obesity in today's youth Media Embed FLDS: Inside Look Part 1/3 Media Embed FLDS: Inside Look Part 2/3 Media Embed FLDS: Inside Look Part 3/3 Media Embed Lifting the Veil of Polygomy Media Embed What Happens when Mormons meet Modernity Media Embed Desperate Western Men seek out Wives in the Ukraine Media story about how Westerners are traveling to areas of poverty to seek out wives Link Listings of supports groups for genetic disorders Media Embed India's Prostitute Village Media Embed Sons of Perdition Documentary of teens and other members of the FLDS that have fed the compound ran by Warren Jeffs Media Embed Map Shelter House (Harm Reduction) Example of harm reduction following three patients living in a shelter Link Turner Syndrome Support Associations Link Resources and assistance for the Transgendered Media Embed Harm Reduction in Jail Link Support group for anyone affected by a loved one's substance abuse Link Disease Info on Various Syndromes Media Embed Suicide Link Canada provides heroin users with high quality heroin (Harm Reduction) Example of harm reduction Link A Transgendered Police Office Marriage in Transition Greg Abbink, the first transgender police officer in Austin, Texas, has had to come out of the closet twice in his life: first, many years ago, as a lesbian, and more recently, as transgender. His wife is going through some difficulties adjusting to Greg’s transition from female to male but she knows that Greg is the same person she fell in love with years ago when he was known as Emily. Link Green Funerals Movement of a green perspective on alternative burials Link Green funerals in Houston Link to a listing of green funerals in the Houston Area Media Embed Meth Use of crystal meth in LGBT community Media Embed Dr. Money and the boy without a Penis Young male suffers accident to penis and raised as a girl Media Embed Fire (the movie) Movie in 1995 based in India about a lesbian couple. Movie initiated various riots across India and was pulled from the cinemas due to controverst Media Embed Middle of Sexes HBO documentary on third gender Media Embed In Jesus Name (Snake handlers in Appalachian Mountains Documentary on extremist religious groups that believe in certain biblical dogma Media Embed High on Crack (HBO documentary) Documentary on crack usage in the US Media Embed Heroin Drug Devil Media Embed Aravani Girls Documentary on lady boys in India Media Embed Purity Ball (Documentary) Media Embed Healthcare for LGBT seniors Media Embed Lifting the veil of polygamy (full documentary) full documentary on FLDS Media Embed Army of God documentary featuring a university that teaches evangelical dogma as they mold the next generation of politicians Media Embed Psychiatric Documentary Link Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster A new religious movement that started in US Media Embed A day in the life of an embalmer Media Embed A comparison of death rituals by religion Link Hebrew Home: Facility for the treatment of Dementia Media Embed Transgender student learn to navigate school halls Gender fluidity in public schools Media Embed Hospital wing dedicated to Transgendered Children in Dallas Link St. Joseph Clubhouse Day Center for indiviuals' with various mental disorders Link NAMI National Alliance of Mental Illness - Educational and Advocacy for People with mental illness Link HRC lobbying group that represent the LGBT ( gay) in Washington. Archives current laws per state that discriminate against housing, employment, inheritance, etc. due to your identification as a GLBT community Link Overeaters Annonymous Link Death of author Terry Pratchett (Advocate of Physician Assisted Suicide) Short 5 min audio file. Pratchet (author) wrote over a variety of humanistic and dystopian stories, diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and an opponent of Physician Suicide Media Embed Can the Chinese Government Force the Dali Lama to Reincarnate? Controversial issue over government and Buddhism Media Embed Albino Killings in Africa Documentary on how some African tribes or countries kill Albinos due to cultural beliefs Link The Albino Foundation Media Embed Black Witchdoctors Use Albino Body Parts in Magic Media Embed The Albino Witchcraft Murders