2-14-17 Welcome to the best class you will ever have. This is the forum in which I will communicate on for the entire semester including For 5 BONUS POINTS email me the following in the body of text to [email protected]:

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Preferred email address

Also sign up on remind using cell numbers at:

 2-16-17     1. For those students that were absent we will have out first guest panel on Tuesday. If you want to bring a food item for for bonus points please email me to inform me

2. Calendar handed in class on day 1 is incorrect and had an incorrect and missing date. The calendar has been revised and posted under required information labeled Semester Calendar RV 2-16-17

3. The following students have signed up to bring in a snack item for our first guest panel this coming Tuesday.

Tessy: cupcakes

Sandra - Donuts

John - Chips

Gulariram - Fruit

Jared - candy

Jamecha - Drinks

Alex - Crackers

2-27-17     Class check for revised calendars and we will have a guest speaker on Thursday. I will pass out a list for volunteers to bring items

3-1-17     I want to remind everyone we are having our second panel this Thursday. Please try to be on time. Also if you were not able to sign up remember you can earn 5 points for bring a snack item. Please not plates or cups

2. Test 2 has been moved for the last day before Spring Break. It will cover chapters 1-4. Remember you are responsible for having read those chapters and I will attempt to lecture the remaining slides on Tuesday. Also you can bring a one sided hand written cheat sheet for the exam. Hint Hint There may be a pop bonus quiz on Monday to prepare you for the exam

3. If you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me via email or text to set up an appointment. Since I do not have an office I am very flexible with meeting times and locations

4. Do not wait last minute on your case studies. At this point I want you to research your cases and fill in the blanks from beginning of life to past death. Use the various resources I have posted on the my learning web especially the religion database that is kept by Stanford University documenting over 200 religions.

5. Remember these guest speakers are here to not only speak about their field but to give you ideas for your case studies

3-2-17     Listen before panel 5 minute interview

3-2-17 1. I have added a new link under required audio folder about gender roles. Listen will be talking about this either before or after spring break

2. I created a 2nd folder called Audio/Video Part 2....These are various links I come across and will at times be assigned but unless specified it is just for your own resources. If you enjoyed our conversation on Tuesday there is a link I have posted if you are interested not required

3-3-17     1. Instructions for Exam 1 have been modified. Everyone should have been emailed or notified via remind. More details will be shared on Tuesday

2. In the beginning of class many of you emailed me your bonus emails but have failed to enroll with remind. 

3. Everyone at this point should be registered with This falls under following instructions and can affect your participation grade

3-5-17     1. At the present time we are on schedule with our guest speakers. I am in communications with an agency for a speaker on domestic violence but do not have a date. However a few notes on guest speakers. Since this is a 2 hour class guest speakers are not rushed as they are during a regular 16 week semester. Your participation is vital during question and answer times. Your interaction is part of your participation grade that is calculated for your final grade. Participation is highly recommended. 

2. Later in the semester we are having a speaker on Harm Reduction and LGBT and the elderly. The LGBT speaker is a wonderful presentation on LGBTQ and  elderly access to medical care. I have been watching a wonderful miniseries on ABC called "When We Rise". This would be a good resource to watch before the speakers arrive to have a good background and especially historical context of the population you will be working with regardless of occupation. You can follow this link:

or follow on Hulu or download the ABC app. I do not know how long this will be posted online so I suggest watching this ASAP

Keep in mind that this is Hollywood's version of actual historical events. However this documents the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the effect it had and continues to have on an international scale. This is also important with your generation because research indicates a significant increase of sexually transmitted infections especially HIV within your age cohort regardless of sexual orientation especially among females.

3-22-17     All exams are due 5 minutes before class tomorrow on a scantron. No exceptions will be made

4-5-17     Attention students a few announcements that I forgot to discuss in class. It is that time of the semester for instructor evaluations and our department encourages full participation for bonus points. Please complete an evaluation and just give me a printout the statement you get when submitted for 5 points by end of week. The department takes these seriously and they are totally confidential. I will only see a report with accumulated scores and comments and always welcome feedback. I encourage everyone to please complete one a link is on my learning web

2. If you will be doing field work and have not spoken to me please do so. I need to know that you are not only representing HCC, and myself but that you are going to be in a safe place. Please Please do not do something on w whim and put your lives at risk.

3. Remember we will have our last guest speaker this Thursday. I highly suggest you watch the miniseries I recommended above 

4. I hope that you are using my learning web for resources for projects and other things. i try to keep it updated as much as possible and will have assignments

5. Listen to this interview before our speaker on Thursday