Important Course Resources

Folder Active Reading! Folder Critical Thinking! Folder Systems Thinking! Folder Effective Writing! Folder College Success! Folder Spoken Word Poetry Folder Cabrera Research: Systems Thinking and DSRP (Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, Perspectives) A new framework for thinking in an increasingly complex world of the 21st-Century! Folder Online Writing Labs & Links to Great Writing Centers! File Book Questions Guidelines (applies to the two 25-question assignments in the semester pertaining to readings) Image composition.png File Informal Assignment (Journal) Grading Rubric Much different than assessment of formal essays. File Group Presentation Guidelines and Assigned Group Readings for 1301 This one document contains all of the details you need to know for the group projects in English 1301. The guidelines are detailed and spelled-out clearly; the specific readings from the Norton Reader (14th Edition) are also listed as assigned to each group. Classes meeting twice weekly will have three presentations in the semester, while (hybrid) classes meeting once weekly will have two presentations (only Modules 1 and 2) Folder Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" Rhetorical Consideration: While this is technically a "letter," consider it's effectiveness as an argument essay. Consider the ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion) appeals that are all fully active in this engaging work! Or, consider the academic scope of disciplines covered, as this letter reads like a research paper--and a well-researched paper at that! Or consider the amazing thing about the latter quality, which is that King wrote entirely from what he knew; his Birmingham jail cell offred no library in which to conduct research, nor a smart phone to do instant google searches! Note all of the specific references King makes in the letter to significant people, places, philosophies, and events (spanning a number of academic disciplines)--again, all from the top of his head.