Final Portfolio -- Reminder

Hi everyone -- this is just a reminder that your final portfolio is due this Friday on Turnitin.

The details, as we discussed in class:

1) Four revised poems -- three that you turned in for workshop, and one that is an exercise (example: the dramatic monologue assignment). You *may* have turned in your exercise, too, which is fine, or I may be seeing it for the first time because it never came into workshop, which is *also* fine.

2) 400-600 words on what you learned in creative writing class. You can discuss fiction and poetry both. Talk about the readings and about your own writing, and even about classmates' writing. What did you learn about how to write? What did you learn about how fiction and poetry are made? How did your definition of "story" and "poem" change because of what you learned? And so on.

Put everything in one document, final drafts only, and submit it on Turnitin by 11:59 p.m. this Friday, please.