HIST 1301 American Perspectives eText Website for Houston Community College

the attachment contains instructions for student to use the new electronic reader.

Student Portal /eText Course ID

Registration Instructions


Your class will be using a custom-built online educational resource. Once you register, you will have easy access to all your materials with just a few clicks!

To register for your course, you will need:

 A Student Access Code (This code can be found on your Online Access card.

 Your school’s zip code

 A valid email address


How to Register for and Access Your Course or MyLab


1) Enter the URL for your custom course into your web browser.  The URL can be found on the Online Access card that came with your textbook.

2) Click Register.

3) Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy and click I Accept.

4) Do you have a Pearson account?

a. Select Yes if you already have a Pearson account

b. Select No if you do NOT have a Pearson Account.

c. Select Not Sure if you do not know if you have a Pearson Account.

5) Type in your Student Access Code in the fields provided and click Next.

a. If you do not have an access code, you might be able to purchase access online. If there is an online purchase option, you will see a Buy or Purchase Access button.

6) Fill out the fields on the Account Information screen and click Next.

7) When successful, you will see a Confirmation & Summary page with your account information. This information will also be emailed to you – be sure to keep this email for future reference.

8) Click the Log In Now button on the Confirmation & Summary page to view your course or MyLab.


Important Note: Each time you access your course or MyLab, you will need to log in with your Login Name and Password.

How to Enroll in your Professor’s eText Course


Before you begin, you will need your professor’s eText course ID (which looks like: lastname123456eb). If you do not know what the etext course ID is, ask your professor. Enrolling in your professor’s eText course will allow you to see any highlights or notes that your professor has made. 


1)    Enter the URL for the custom course into your web browser and log in.

2)    Click on the Pearson eText link.

3)    Enter your professor’s eText course ID then click Search.

  • IMPORTANT:If your professor does not have an eText course ID, Select the Self Study eText option and begin working with your eText.

4)    Once you find your professor’s course, click Join

5) Then, click the Go to eText button and you can begin working in the etext.


Need Help?

Assistance is available at http://www.pearsoncustom.com/_global/productinfo/websites/_24_7/


Good luck in your course!