Printmaking I (ARTS 2333)

Instructor: Katherine Fields

Printmaking I: Introduction to Printmaking: Survey of Printmaking Techniques and Concepts: Monotype, Planar, Stenciling, Relief & Intaglio processes

ARTS 2333-Printmaking I

  • Present a portfolio of monotype prints that exhibit a variety of printmaking techniques and applications
  • Consistently print an intaglio edition containing a wide range of value and controlled line
  • Consistently print a relief edition in wood block
  • Consistently print a serigraph edition
  • Complete a minimum of 1000 words in writing assignments
  • Demonstrate safe studio habits, materials handling, and equipment operation throughout the term
  • Create prints that demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of medium and image
  • Prepare one work for an exhibition and participate according to instructor or individual college
  • Participate in end of semester studio clean-up
  • Explore a variety of subject matter
  • Explore a variety of styles (representational, abstract, non-representational)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the medium from art historical and cultural contexts
Formschneider-Block Cutter
Formschneider-Block Cutter