English Composition II Spring 2017 (ENGL 1302)

Instructor: Kelley Reno

Intensive study of and practice in the strategies and techniques for developing research-based expository and persuasive texts. Emphasis on effective and ethical rhetorical inquiry, including primary and secondary research methods; critical reading of verbal, visual, and multimedia texts; systematic evaluation, synthesis, and documentation of information sources; and critical thinking about evidence and conclusions. This course is designed around the premise that we live in a global society and, as such, we must all equip ourselves with the critical thinking and writing skills needed in order to engage in such a world with empathy, thoughtfulness, and self-awareness.

Course Information

Course Materials

Link HW 1/18 - President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address & Trump's Friday Inaugural Address File Elements of Composition (Critical Reading) File HW 1/23: Critical Reading Practice 1/23 & 1/25 File HW 1/25: Determining a Writer's Intended Audience File Intro to Rhetorical Appeals 1/27 File Rhetorical Analysis 1 - Due February 1 File Rhetorical Analysis General Template File Annotated Example Rhetorical Analysis Media Embed How to Create MLA Works Cited Page File Rhetorical Analysis 1 - Works Cited Media Embed What is a rhetorical analysis? File HW 2/1: Read pgs. 1-38 of textbook, intro to Chapter 3, and "Sweat, Fire, and Ethics" Link Globalization 101 - Supplement to Chapter 3 Intro Link "Sweat, Fire, and Ethics" by Bob Jeffcott Link HW 2/8: Product/Brand/Service Research and Summary File HW 2/13: Argumentative Essay 1 Rough Draft - Due 2/22 Link McDonald's Video Game - Satire Link Rhetorical Appeals and Audience File Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizers File HW 2/15 - Label parts of a persuasive argument Link HW: Read David Feingold's "Human Trafficking" and Amanda Kloer's "Sex Trafficking and HIV/AIDS" File 2/27: Logical Fallacies File Due 3/6: Persuasive Speeches File Spring Break HW - Due 3/20 Image 3/8: Mid-Term Examination File HW: 3/1 Print 6 Copies of Persuasive Speech Rubric Link United Against Human Trafficking - Houston Organization File HW 3/20: Begin readings on Keystone XL Pipeline/answer discussion questions that follow - due Monday, 3/27 Link HW 3/27: Read and write a 1-page response File HW 3/21: Environmental Response File Due 4/4: Argumentative Essay 2 Prompt and Rubric Folder Argumentative Research Paper - Due May 7 Media Embed Connected, But Alone? File Final Exam Prep Image Research Paper and Final Exam Reminders!