Instructor: Kris Asper

A computer-aided modeling course. Development of three-dimensional drawings and models from engineering sketches and orthographic drawings and utilization of three dimensional models in design work.

Course Objectives:

- Learning the basic SolidWorks Design process.

- Understanding SolidWorks concepts.

- Learning how to use SolidWorks interface.

- Schetching and editing items.

- Creating datum plans and datum axies.

- Creating sweeps and blends.

- Creating holes shells and drafts.

- Creating rounds and chamfers.

- Grouping, mirroring and copinng items.

- Creating patterns.

- Measuring and inspecting models.

- Assembling with constraints.

- Assembling with connections.

- Explodind assembles.

- Creating drawing annotations.

- Investigating parent chiled relationship.

- Run finit analyses to resolve failures in the design.

- Students will be able to build the models by using the Roland milling machine or the Catalyst 3D printer.