Wonder Woman Help

I. Introduction – discuss the question of WHY Marston was so successful in 3-5 sentences.  THEN add your thesis; “Marston was so successful because he had a great support network, he was ruthless enough to experiment on loved ones, and he was a genius.”

A. Great Support Network made him successful

          1. Wives gave him ideas that earned lots of money

2. They also wrote articles for him that he got credit   for

3. Sadie helped him to invent the polygraph but he got all the credit

B. He was successful because he was ruthless enough to experiment on his family

          1. Messed with Olive and Sadie

                   a. Used polygraphs on them

          2. Practiced psychology rather unethically on them

C. Perhaps the most important reason Marston was successful was that he was a genius.

          1. Studied at Harvard with uber professors

          2. Invented first type of polygraph (with help)

          3. Thought WAY outside the box

IV. Conclusion