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FX grade Syllabus, Meningitis Information, EGLS3 instruction

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Final Grade of FX
Students who stop attending class and do not withdraw themselves prior to the withdrawal deadline may either be dropped by their professor for excessive absences or be assigned the final grade of “FX” at the end of the semester. Students who stop attending classes will receive a grade of “FX”, compared to an earned grade of “F” which is due to poor performance. Logging into a DE course without active participation is seen as non-attending. Please note that HCC will not disperse financial aid funding for students who have never attended class. Students who receive financial aid but fail to attend class will be reported to the Department of Education and may have to pay back their aid. A grade of “FX” is treated exactly the same as a grade of “F” in terms of GPA, probation, suspension, and satisfactory academic progress.


Texas Senate Bill 1107 passed in May 2011, requires that new HCC
students and former HCC students returning after an absence of at least
one fall or spring semester who are under the age of 30 are required to
present a physician-signed certificate showing they have been vaccinated
against bacterial meningitis. Beginning with Spring registration,
November 7, students will have to satisfy this requirement prior to
enrollment. For more information and a list of exemptions please go to
Meningitis Information


EGLS3 -- Evaluation for Greater Learning Student Survey System

At Houston Community College, professors believe that thoughtful student feedback is necessary to improve teaching and learning. During a designated time, you will be asked to answer a short online survey of research-based questions related to instruction. The anonymous results of the survey will be made available to your professors and division chairs for continual improvement of instruction. Look for the survey as part of the Houston Community College Student System online near the end of the term.



Beginning Fall 2007, the State of Texas imposes penalties on students who withdraw/drop courses excessively. Students are limited to no more than SIX total course withdrawals throughout their educational career at a Texas public college or university. Students are encouraged to review the HCC 6 Drop Policy.

To help you avoid having to withdraw from any class, contact your professor regarding your academic performance. You may also want to contact an HCC counselor to learn about helpful HCC resources (e.g. online tutoring, child care, financial aid, job placement, etc.).



  • If a student decides to withdraw from a class upon careful review of other options, the student can withdraw online prior to the deadline through their HCC Student Center.
  • HCC and/or professors may withdraw students for excessive absences without notification (see Class Attendance below).
  • Students should check HCC’s Academic Calendar by Term for withdrawal dates and deadlines. Classes of other duration (flex-entry, 8-weeks, etc.) may have different final withdrawal deadlines. Please contact the HCC Registrar’s Office at 713.718.8500 to determine mini-term class withdrawal deadlines.


International Students:

Receiving a “W” in a course may affect the status of your student visa. Once a “W” is given for the course, it will not be changed to an “F” because of the visa consideration. Please contact the International Student Office at 713-718-8520 if you have any questions about your visa status and any other transfer issues.

Student Course Reinstatement Policy

Students have a responsibility to arrange payment for their classes when they register, either

through cash, credit card, financial aid, or the installment plan. Students who are dropped from

their courses for non-payment of tuition and fees who request reinstatement after the official

date  of record can be reinstated by making payment in full and paying an additional $75.00 per

course reinstatement fee. The academic dean may waive the reinstatement fee upon

determining that the student was dropped because of a college error.