Global Warming & Climate Change

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File Climate Change (lecture PDF) updated 5/2/2016 Link 2017 GOP War on the EPA (PBS video) How Scott Pruitt went from fighting the Environmental Protection Agency to running it and rolling back years of policy. 1 hour broadcast October 2017. File Trump Conservatives Seek to Overhaul the Energy Agenda There are multiple articles here about how conservatives are trying to undo most of Obama's environmental protections. Congressman Lamar Smith of San Antonio gets his news form Trump and seeks to cut funds for renewable research. File Trump's EPA Budget Cuts 3000 Jobs File Texas faces a new normal under neutered EPA Impact of the Trump budget cuts to the EPA on Texas File Trump EPA Chief doees not beleive CO2 is a cause of climate change. The new chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said 3/7/17 he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming, a statement at odds with mainstream scientific consensus and his own agency. File How Texas Polluters Are Allowed to Pollute 2017 EPA Secretary wants to wants to shift the priorities of the agency he leads. File Majority of Americans Accept Science Behind Gloabl Warming File Perry Evolves on Climate Change 2017 File Houston March for Science 2017 File EPA cuts hurt Texas border & undermine its mission File Energy Alternatives File Videos, Govt Agencies, Background Paper, & Outline File Texas Solution File Videos Rising Sea Levels File Videos Recycling File Videos Fracking File Price to Pollute (clipping) File Obama Climate Change is Priority (clipping) File Texas Climate Change (clipping) File Texas Quit Warring with EPA (editorial) File Texas #1 Heat Trapping Gases (clipping) File Texas Congressmen Opinions File US Congress Opinions