Eagle Online

All faculty who want to teach via Eagle Online (HCC's new LMS based on
Moodle) must go through the required Eagle Online Basic training, then
contact their department chair for assignment to Eagle Online classes.
Department Chairs (or designated persons) need to verify that their
instructors have taken the Eagle Online training before allowing them to
teach in the Eagle Online system. To do so, they may refer to a list
that will be available under the heading Attendance Records (“Eagle
Online records”) at www.hccs.edu/cit
Training for current DE instructors who will be teaching this summer
will begin in April. Training for everyone else will begin in May: See
www.hccs.edu/cit  for more details.

Also watch for additional information in the HCC News, college
listservs, posters and flyers.
Prepare Now: While instructors are
waiting to take training, they should begin preparing now for their move
to Eagle by organizing their files. See how to do this:
Remember that
Blackboard Vista will be gone by January 1, 2012, so take the training
as soon as possible.
The Department of Teaching and Learning Resources will begin offering
Eagle Online for Faculty training workshops on April 26. The

training introduces the Learning Management System (LMS) adopted by HCC

to replace Blackboard Vista. The training is completely accessible

online. However, for faculty who feel the need for a

face-to-face overview of the LMS, we invite you to attend one of the

optional orientation sessions held Mondays at various locations

throughout the HCC system.

Please understand that due to limited staffing and a very high workload

level, the Department of TLR will offer orientations as TLR trainers are

available, thus on a limited basis over the next few weeks. The

orientation is optional and is just an "overview" of what to expect in

the training. The actual training will occur in the online workshops.

To register for a Eagle Online workshop, go to

http://imctraining.hccs.edu/eoreg. Click on "Go To Registration Page"
link and select one session that you would like to attend. Since every

session is the same, you only need to attend one session! Questions

and/or concerns may be submitted to the TLR staff at
[email protected]