English 1301 (DE)-Required Handbook and Reader

Please Note: All DE course textbooks are housed at the Central College bookstore. Students can order their books online by visiting the bookstore’s website or visit the Central College Bookstore to purchase books, or visit any HCC Bookstore to order the books to be sent to that bookstore location from the Central College Bookstore. This option usually takes 24-48 hours for books to be shipped from Central to another HCC Bookstore. Be sure you are purchasing the handbook with a mycomplab code packaged with it. If you do not have the code packaged with the handbook, you will be required to purchase the code with a credit card from the mycomplab.com website. Please do not register for MyCompLab until I provide you with the specific instructions on how to register.
The Little, Brown Handbook (11th edition)-packaged with MyCompLab Code
  • The Little, Brown Handbook (11th edition)-packaged with MyCompLab Code
  • by Fowler, H. Ramsey & Jane E. Aaron
  • Please note: If you purchase a new edition of this textbook at the HCC Bookstore, it is supposed to be packaged with a MyCompLab access code. This is a green cardboard folded pamphlet and it should be shrink-wrapped with the book. If you purchase a 'used' edition of this textbook at the HCC Bookstore or elsewhere, you will be required to purchase a MyCompLab code. You may do so with a credit card at the following website: mycomplab.com -- you will need to select the "Generic Version (no E-Book)" access code and follow the direction prompts on the screen to obtain your code. Do NOT buy the e-book version of The Little, Brown Handbook or your code will not work with the mycomplab class shell I have created for your course. Additional Information: *If you buy the HCC custom cover edition from the HCC Bookstore, the publication date is 2010. The custom cover has a picture of Emily Dickinson on the front of it, but the pagination is the same as the 2009 11th edition publication (see below to view a cover of the 'standard' handbook 11th edition). *This handbook is a required textbook for both English 1301 and 1302 at HCC Southwest College. You may also wish to keep this handbook as a reference guide for any 2000 level English literature course you may take in the future.