How do I get a room/studio/office key at HCC?

“How to get a Key at HCC” as directed by the Facilities/Locksmithing department. “One Form for One Person for One Key” -Print out and complete this form. (Yes, hand-write in the information). -Campus Mail the completed form to "Katherine Rhodes Fields, Fine Art" at MC 1229. (Yes, campus snail mail – not email.) -Ask Katherine to campus mail the signed form back to you. -Send or deliver the signed form to the Campus Manager or COO of the building for which you are requesting a key. -I recommend making copies of the form and noting each date and step through all stages of the process for your records. -Wait and follow up as necessary with the Campus manager or COO. Contact me if you need help. In the meantime, to access rooms, call the campus office to open the room for you. Some faculty suggest putting the campus office on speed dial and calling 20 minutes before each class.

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