Chemistry Resources

Some of these materials are provided by our textbook publishers and include online chapter quizzes and PowerPoint notes. Sample practice exams for your class are located under "Chapter Notes and Practice Exams."


Practice Quizzes and Tutorials (Previous Textbooks)

CHEM 1305 & 1307, 1405 & 1407
Link Bullet Corwin Companion Website
Link Bullet Mastering Chemistry Sign-In

CHEM 1405 & 1407 (Blei & Odian textbook)
Link Bullet Blei & Odian Companion Website

CHEM 1413 & 1414
Link Bullet Corwin Companion Website

CHEM 1411 & 1412

Link Bullet Chang 8th Companion Website (has flash cards)

Link Bullet Chang 9th Companion Website Link Bullet Connect Sign-In

Link Bullet Chang 10th Companion Website Link Bullet ChemSkill Builder (requires login)
Link Bullet Companion Website for Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, by Nivaldo Tro

CHEM 2423 & 2425
McMurry Companion Sites for Organic Chemistry:
Link Bullet 6th Edition (free)                            Link Bullet 7th Edition (requires login)

Link Bullet OWL Version 1 User Login for McMurry 8th Edition

Other Resources

Atom 2 Chapter Notes and Practice Exams

Includes PowerPoint chapter outlines.

Link Bullet Know Your Calculator

Practice exercises for using scientific notation and other calculator functions.

Link Bullet Printable Graph Paper

Coarse, Medium (recommended), and Fine in .pdf format, from IncompeTech.

Link Bullet Tutoring Schedules Link Bullet AskOnline Tutoring

Tutoring schedules for chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Link Bullet HCC Find-A-Tutor Search Engine

Find days & times tutoring is offered at your campus.  For all disciplines.

Link Bullet Class Schedules & Final Exam Review Sessions

Final exam review sessions are offered for chemistry and physics each fall and spring semester.

Link Bullet HCC Bookstore

You can order and sell your books online here.  Note the posted last day to use financial aid at HCC bookstores.

Link Bullet CourseSmart eTextbook Rental

See this website for ebook options for your textbook.

Link Bullet Chang Flash Animations

Interactive Flash animations for Raymond Chang's Essential Chemistry.

Link Bullet

"Succeed in college with the latest study stategies and writing techniques. Get hints and tips for writing papers for your major and passing those final exams."

Link Bullet FunBased Learning

"Play chemistry and algebra games at".

Link Bullet StudySpace for Chemistry The Science in Context (CHEM 1411 & 1412)

Free learning resources for the textbook by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, and Davies.
Choose a chapter for links to Study Plans, Diagnostic Quizzes, Flashcards, and ChemTours.

Link Bullet Links to Medical and Pharmacy Schools

Links to Houston area and Texas nursing, medical, dental, and pharmacy schools.

Link Bullet Chemistry Corner

Formerly my MSN Group, now archived at Aimoo, has links to many chemistry sites and a public message board.

Link Bullet Science Careers

Information about careers in chemistry, geology, physics, and biology.

Link Bullet HCC Libraries

Browse the databases for information on any subject. Topics in science can be found under Databases-S.

Link Bullet Movies & Animations

A collection of movies and links to videos and chemistry animations.

Link Bullet Textbook Information

Chemistry textbooks currently used at HCC Southwest College.

Link Bullet SWC Department of Physical Sciences

Information on the Learning Web about our programs in Astronomy, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Geology, and Physics.

Link Bullet HCC Class Schedule Search

Search the current semester by course and location.

Link Bullet HCC Student Information (PeopleSoft Services)

HCC degree plans, apply for admission, view calendars, class schedules, course catalog, and more.

Link Bullet HCCS Transfers

"Your place to find out transfer information, including transferable courses, transfer scholarships, university admission requirements, and much, much more."

Link Bullet HCC Student Handbook 2014-15

Useful information about HCC policies, student services, financial aid, disability support services, campus bookstores, and library system. The most recent handbook and other student information may be found on the HCC Students webpage.



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