Developmental English

About Developmental English

The Developmental English Program is a writing curriculum with multiple purposes. It serves as a college preparatory for students who seek degrees, certificates, licenses, or professional development at the college level. The writing curriculum is a comprehensive program whose purpose is to prepare students for the requirements and demands of academic writing: in English composition and literature courses, other academic courses like social sciences, and business and career writing. Our program includes technological support from HCCS Learning Centers, Libraries, and Open Computer Labs. Our courses also prepare students to meet the requirements of the Texas state-mandated skills test, the THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment Test).

We offer three courses: English 0310, English 0300, and English 0100. (English 0100 is scheduled at the discretion of Developmental English Department Chairs across the system and is not offered every semester.)  Students who complete the developmental English sequence of courses should demonstrate sufficient preparation for the successful address of the THEA and credit level English courses. The writing program focuses on the use of Writing Process and a wide variety of writing techniques to encourage creative and competent writing skills development.