Developmental Mathematics

Marisol Montemayor

HCC's Mathways Program - Corequisite Courses

HCC's  Mathways Corequisite Program will allow a student to complete their developmental sequence in one semester if their degree plan allows for Math 1332: Contemporary Mathematics, Math 1324: Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences, or MATH 1342 Statistics. 

For an overview of HCC's New Mathways Program, proceed to the following web site:

The new sequence is as follows:

Math 0106 is the lowest level developmental mathematics course. Topics include fundamental operations fractions and decimals, percents, ratios, and proportions. All students who enroll in this course are expected to complete either MATH 0309 or MATH 0310 during the same semester before attempting either MATH 1332, MATH 1324, MATH 1342, or MATH 0314.

Math 0309: Introductory Algebra. Topics include real numbers, introduction to logic, polynomials, basic factoring, linear equations, linear models, percentage models, order of operations, set operations, and an introduction to other topics which may include linear and quadratic modelling and math for financial management. 

Math 0310: Basic Concepts for Business Math and Statistics. Topics include real numbers, order of operations, proportions and percent, percent of increase/decrease, simple interest, introduction to probability and statistics, integer exponents, polynomials, linear equations and inequalities in one variable, linear equations and inequalities in two variables, systems of linear equations, matrices, linear functions and an introduction to other  which may include exponential, quadratic functions, quadratic equations,  and set operations. 

Math 0314: Intermediate Algebra. Topics include factoring techniques, radicals, algebraic fractions, absolute values, complex numbers, graphing linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, graphing quadratic equations and an introduction to functions. Emphasis is placed on algebraic techniques needed in order to successfully complete Math 1314: College Algebra