Texas Geology

Some interactive Texas geology maps and public information via websites and apps. geology, stream flow, flood, precipitation, faults, rainfall.

Websites for exploring Texas Geology and current status

 Pocket Texas Geology - a USGS interactive map page - rock units and faults available as layers.

Texas Water Dashboard - a USGS page with many maps to layer showing precipitation, stream flow, flooding, radar, lake levels, and warnings.

Recent Earthquakes - This is the USGS realtime earthquake map. Initial view is earthquakes that have occurred in the last 7 days in the OK/TX area. Explore the settings for different views!



Some apps for your mobile devices

Rockd - Looking for an app to use for viewing the geology and images others have taken and fascinating places? Try the Rockd app!

Flyover Country app - This app lets you download geologic maps for the road trip or flight route you are taking - look out the window as you follow along offline! Also has information about cloud types and landscape features.