Recent Books

Book Troff document Report on the Barnhouse Effect (Short Story by Kurt Vonnegut)
Book chemical/x-isostar A Hunger Artist (Short Story by Franz Kafka)
Book Harrison Bergeron (K. Vonnegut)
Book Environmental Science, 14th Edition
The HCC bookstore does not carry the hard copy of the book. We will be working with the e-book version of this book through McGraw-Hill's Connect system. You should purchase an access code to Connect for this book. The code is available at the HCC bookstore or you can purchase it directly from the Connect website (costs less directly from Connect!). Reading assignments will be assigned in the Connect system so it is a mandatory piece of material. If you do want a hard copy of the book you can order one for ~$15 from within the Connect system. They will ship it to your home and you can put it in a 3-ring binder.