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Link Mandatory Class Orientation
Link Ugly Gerry
A unique alphabet based on actual American gerrymanders!
Link Chem Libre Text_Introductory Chemistry (Tro)
Link Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly - Boston Globe Article April 13, 2017
Professor Ansell created a collaborative public art installation at the Boston ICA in 2017 and this article is about that piece.
Link Psi Beta at HCC Facebook Page
Link ECMAScript program Child Care Services
PLEASE NOTE: If you are already receiving Medicaid or SNAP, you may qualify for child care assistance WITHOUT the wait time.
Link ECMAScript program Support Services
Link text/texmacs Immigration Rights
Link object code Free Clinics Harris CO
Link application/x-troff-ms Harris county assistance programs
Link C++ source code Help for financial emergencies - HCC
Link The Political Compass
The enduring appeal of The Political Compass lies in its universality, and the fact that it’s not a fly-by-night election-time survey, but a continually accessible profile of a political personality applicable to all democracies. Although we’d like the time to develop more updates than we can sometimes offer, we remain a tool for comparing the politics of countries and well-known political figures, past and present.
Link AWS Certifications Roadmap for Everyone
Link Distinguishing between Critique and Summary
Link Summary vs. Critique
Link Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture in Literature (1993)
Link IMPORTANT! Online Textbook: Thomas Patterson (2019), We The People, 13th edition, McGraw-Hill
Registering for this course automatically assesses you a charge of $47.36, which is less than half of the standard cost for the printed textbook. Your fee buys you access to the online version of this text via "Canvas." In addition, IF YOU'D PREFER, this fee allows you to ALSO buy a special print copy for $26.70. If you have unreliable access to the Internet, you might want to consider this, because this will NOT be a legitimate reason for failing to study the text. Note these two charges together are still less than the standard cost of the textbook. At any rate, you do not need to purchase any other materials-- not the printed copy, nor the "Connect" access code (available in the bookstore). You might find these resources useful, but they are entirely optional. The link to Canvas is below. If you've never used it, don't worry; it's easy. You will enter your student email address and password. This is my first semester to use it so I'm not sure exactly what you will see, but in Canvas you'll select the course, go to "course materials," and possibly select our campus (Katy) or school. For the first few days, it should also give you the choice of opting in or opting out. The default box of opting in should be already checked. You can opt out, but if you do you will be responsible for getting the text in another way. If you do this, make sure that it is the 13th edition! The publisher, McGraw-Hill has a help-line (800-331-5094) that should also be able to help if you encounter a problem. Let me know ASAP--not later--if you don't understand this, because you will IMMEDIATELY need your textbook.
Link Intro to Philosophy Open Textbook
Link Happiness
Link The problem with utopias