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Link "Ain't I A Woman?"
This is the video version of Sojourner Truth's speech introduced by Howard Zinn and read by Alice Walker
Link Troff document (with manpage macros) "Ain't I A Woman?"
This is the text of Sojourner Truth's speech.
Link application/x-troff-ms "The Chrysanthemums"
A short story by John Steinbeck
A short story by Edgar Allan Poe
Link Breaking Out of the Box: A Crash Course in Paradigm Thinking
Link Academic Planner
Link Fiction Worksheet #2
Post stories by noon on Saturday. Read and comment on all stories by classtime Monday.
Link text/texmacs Core curriculum for colleges in Texas ( 42 credits )
Link 12 Steps ASL-Version 3
Link 12 Steps ASL-Version 2
Link 12 Steps ASL-Version 1
Link Verify Your Degree Plan
Link Video : Steps how to complete the planner
Link Academic Planner Step by Step
Click and view the link for step by step instructions and PDF document.
Link SIS package Protein Synthesis
This video explains the entire process of protein synthesis, including the 2 sub processes - transcription and translation.
Link application/x-maker BEI Handbook
Link Mass extinctions
Link Five Fingers of Evolution
Link MyEagle
Links important to students... consider making this your home page!
Link HCC Student Page
The HCC Student webpage. It offers links to information important to HCC Students