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Link Fiction Worksheet (#6) for Mon 5/1
This is the makeup worksheet for anyone who did not turn in a story. Please turn in your story by 11:59 p.m. Friday 4/28
Link An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments (Ali Almossawi)
Link ENGR 2302 Lecture 17 April 25 2017 - Part 2
Link ENGR 2302 Lecture 17 April 25 2017 - Part 1
Link C header Why professors can't teach (math.)
Morris Kline while doing some Engines related research. His book, Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, was quite a page turner. At over twelve-hundred pages I admit I have yet to finish it. In fact, I probably won't. But what makes the book so fascinating is that it focuses on how we've thought about mathematics over the centuries, not mathematics per se. Morris KlineKline was an avid student of mathematical history and wrote many historically oriented books. Mathematics in Western Culture. Mathematics: A Cultural Approach. But he's perhaps best known for his work related to the teaching of math.
Link Troff document Guru: Pat Flynn is a teaching beast
the podcast may replace instruction, can enhance learning, and like a robot tirelessly teach, play, rewind, fastforward, you get the picture.
Link Director Arthur Penn looks back at BONNIE AND CLYDE
Link audio/x-realaudio The New Hollywood Era
Link Troff document (with manpage macros) The Hollywood Reporter on Roger Corman
Link Otzi the Iceman Scholarly Article
Link Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis Animation
Link VectorStock
Millions of royalty-free vector images.
Link Noun Project - Icons for Everything
Curated collections of icons from around the world
Link Store of the Future
Link Troff document American Retail at a Tipping Point
Link Zombie Malls
Link Fake News Beats Real News
An analysis found that top fake election news stories generated more total engagement on Facebook than top election stories from 19 major news outlets combined.
Link What is Politifact's Lie of the Year?
Link ECMAScript program Fake Sites, Satire Sites, and Clickbait Sites.
Here's another list of Fake Sites, Satire Sites, and Clickbait Sites.