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Link Career and Personality Assessments ( Type Focus )
The TypeFocus™ Careers Program help you to learning more about your personality strengths and guide you to the career of your interest.
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The O*NET Resource Center, the nation's primary source of occupational information. Use this site to download the O*NET database, career exploration tools, job analysis questionnaires, employer guides, and technical reports.
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Discover majors and in-demand careers and education based on your interests! Take Career Assessment test , Explore Careers and Programs at HCC .
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Welcome to the Career Planning and Resources’ (CPR) Virtual Career Center (VCC). The VCC is the online career and employment site that supports student success and transition. This system links students and alumni to a myriad of career resources, employment opportunities, and internship possibilities.
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Link Poetry Worksheet #1
Post your poems by noon Saturday. Read and comment before class Monday. :)