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Link Fact v. Opinion
Link ConnectMATH Website
Link ConnectMATH Website
Link Maya Angelou- Grandmothers Victory
Link Spring 2019 Film Orientation - Reference Only
Orientations are done for Spring 2019 Term All students had more than enough time to complete it. Info was posted back in the end of Nov. 2018, for first start classes and announcements were made in class and on social media at the beginning of the Spring Semester. As much as it pains us... Failure to plan on your part in completing the required orientation, does not constitute an emergency on the departments part. So, please do not beg, whine, cry, bite, hit or yell at the Studio Manager and/or lab aides to enter you into the computer and allow you access into the studios, labs and/or gear. It will not be allowed. Thank You!
Link ECMAScript program Why Doctors Kill Themselves
Link Fighting Forced Marriage and Honor Killings
Link How I escaped Forced Marriage
Link Dangerous Few
Psychopathic Kids
Link text/texmacs Guidelines for Writing Arguments
Link Women's Rights 1776
Read the discussion between Abigail Adams and John Adams regarding women's rights at the time of the American Revolution. John Adams was a Massachusetts lawyer, Revolutionary, and-later-became the 2nd president of the United States.
Link Troff document Leonard Maltin on 42nd STREET
Link Language Acquisition
Link D source code TCM Guide to THE KID
Link The Texas Tribune
Link Allsides
Compare similar news articles from the Left, Center, and Right to see how each side tells the story differently.
Link Blue Feed, Red Feed
See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side
Link Serenity Prayer
Link The Lord's Prayer