Recent Links

Link audio/x-realaudio Animal Odd Couple: Heartwarming Story of Bella and Tara
Link VCS/ICS calendar Palindromes (Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sites)
YouTube video showing Weird Al Yankovic parody of Bob Dylan, using nothing but palindromes.
Link Birth of an Elephant
Contains graphic images. Viewer discretion advised.
Link application/x-msdos-program
Link Basic Principles of Chemistry that Drive Protein Folding - Part 1
An interactive exercise illustrating the role of amino acid properties in protein folding. More activities may be found at
Link RNAi Gateway
One-stop, regularly updated web portal on RNA interference (RNAi).
Link Omics Gateway
One-stop, regularly updated web portal on any of your favorite "-omics" fields.
Link Nature
The European version of US' "Science" journal. Publishing in either journal means dying and going to scientific heaven. Includes FREE podcasts. Check out the gateways to areas like signal transduction and neuroscience. Also gives - limited - access to other, more specialized Nature publications.
Link ECMAScript program The Scientist
An online magazine of broadly-written science articles. Some are freely accessible. Others require a subscription. The archives contain comprehensive explanations of biotech techniques, but are only searcheable by date or issue. To search by subject, simply enter your search term in the search box on the home page.
Link SciCentral
Daily headline news in anything from biosciences to engineering.
Link Science
The American version of "Nature" journal. Official publication of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). You can explore by subject, find out about career fairs, and view videos and podcasts. NetWatch is a great little section that highlights fun/useful science links. Also has a great bookstore. A sister site, ScienceNow (a science news magazine with bite-sized stories at is another fun perk.
Link Genetically Modified Animal Cloning
User-friendly video that explores the pros and cons at how genetic technologies have already impacted our daily lives. For instance, it shows how scientists can put a jellyfish reporter gene into a pig and make it glow in the dark, and how similarly produced fish may act as an early warning system for pollutants. It also points out the potential concerns that may come from using these kinds of technologies. More such videos can be found at
Link Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed: Corn, the Dynamic Genome
A video produced by the National Science Foundation (NSF) on plant genomics and bioinformatics.
Link Meet Super Cow (Quantitative Genetics - Artifical Selection)
Behold the power of artificial selection!
Link D source code Monty Python's Dead Parrot Skit (scientific method)
Link RNAi
How a wayward petunia leads to the Nobel prize-winning discovery of RNA interference.
Link How to clone a Sheep (stem cells and reproductive cloning)
The story of Dolly. Very funny, and informative too :-)
Link x-conference/x-cooltalk A Tale of Two Mice (epigenetics)
Why two identical twins may look nothing like one another.
Link Sexual Cannibalism in Australian Redback Spiders
Illustrating the ultimate in selfish genes... Male Australian redback spiders have only one shot to mate successfully and pass on their DNA to the next generation. In this video, you can see how a male spider starts to mate with the much larger female, and how he somersaults his abdomen onto the female's jaws. The female begins to eat the male while mating is completed. What the Dickens is the male thinking? Because mating continues longer and is more successful when the male allows himself to be eaten, and because females are less likely to accept a second suitor when full, it appears the dead male wins when it comes to passing on his genes to the next generation.
Link PS document Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes - Pathway Maps
A series of comprehensive metabolic maps, and maps showing involvement of proteins (gene products) in various processes such as DNA replication, gene expression, cancer, cell growth and death, organ system function etc.