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ESL Videos, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns, Proverbs, Slang & Idioms, Pronunciation, Listening, Spelling, Reading, Podcasts, Jokes, Songs, Crossword Puzzles
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Professor Murphy has clarified the Middle English version of The Canterbury Tales.
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Classware is an online resource for ESL students, and is available free with every McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT textbook. This fully-integrated online resource hosts a comprehensive range of materials and activities to reinforce and expand on new English language learning concepts introduced in each of the series’s 18 Student Books. Classware focuses on vocabulary building, test taking, and critical thinking skills that accommodate the needs of global English learners. Content encourages students to recycle prior knowledge, while challenging them apply new concepts in different contexts to reinforce understanding. Classware can be utilized as in classroom assignments, or self-directed study to encourage students to take ownership of their English language learning. Today’s English learners utilize a variety of constantly evolving new technology and media in their academic and professional environments. The Online Learning Center supplements the concepts introduced in the Student Books by extending their learning experience to an Internet-based learning platform that hosts interactive activities, as well as provides all audio as convenient downloadable MP3s.
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