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Link Planet Terror (play the trailer)
Can you see any similarities to the erotic and/or gorey sides of the Renaissance?
Link The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
Click on "Interview with the director" to see a preview with commentary.
Link MIDI audio Mexico, Teotihuacan Pyramid
Ancient pre Columbian archaeological site, Jim Rogers
Link Troff document Yankee Siege Trebuchet
Link ECMAScript program Google Images
Link ECMAScript program Da Vinci - Anatomy Studies
Link Leonardo da Vinci inventions
Link Leonardo da Vinci Inventor Trailer
Link Octet Stream San Vitale, Ravenna
Link image/pict Khan Academy
Simple, YouTube mini lessons and exercises on any topic.
Link Khan Academy - Mini Lessons and Exercises on Any Topic
Link image/pict Khan Academy - Mini Lessons and Exercises on Any Topic
Link Find a Tutor
To find a tutor by subject area and location, go to the given address and click on "Find a Tutor".
Link Eagle Online
Eagle Online
Link D source code WebEx Meetings (recorded)
Link Neuro Lab Review
Link Lab Exam Review
Link Reading Quiz for April 13/14/18--Martha Nussbaum: On Being a Philosopher
Link CNN-Burqa ban article
Link What is Dropbox?
What is Dropbox?