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Link Online Tutoring
AskOnline Online Tutoring – You can access online tutors 24/7/365. Upload questions and/or papers and get a response to download within 24 hours. Papers in the social sciences, humanities, and other disciplines receive two tutor reviews – one for content and one for grammar, structure, and organization. A five-minute video on the log-in page -- -- completely explains how the system works. Use your HCC student ID number (w+) as your User ID and your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) as your initial password.
Link Research and Documentation Source
Complete source for conducting research and documenting sources in Humanities, Social Sciences, History, Sciences
Link MLA Research Paper Example
Link MLA Formatting and Writing Guide
Purdue Owl - Excellent guid for writing and formatting papers.
Link ECMAScript program World Climates
An extensive climate database for thousands of places around the world.
Link World Atlas
This website is home to atlases and guides to areas around the globe, and even contains special features such as a geography “book of the week“ and geography quizzes.
Link Ethnologue
An extensive database and reference work that catalogues the world’s nearly 7,000 known living languages.
Link ULAW (Sun) audio U.S. Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau web site has population data and other demographic data on U.S. places, a map surfer application that shows U.S. maps, U.S. zip code information, and a plethora of additional useful information.
Link application/x-msdos-program [email protected]
A smorgasbord of geography information can be found on this site, where you can find up-to-date geography related news stories and a wide variety of helpful geography-related information.
Link ULAW (Sun) audio Population Reference Bureau
The Population Reference Bureau has a wealth of population statistics, issues and graphics that cover the world’s regions. It also includes special focus areas on the environment, HIV/AIDS, population trends, and reproductive health.
Link Troff document Nations Online Project
This website was constructed to help improve cross-cultural understanding and international awareness. Here you can find background information on countries around the world as well as news from around the world.
Link National Weather Service Forecast Office - Houston/Galveston, Texas
Find out more about local weather and climate patterns and trends on this website, including information about hurricane tracking. You can also find the short term and long term weather forecasts for the Houston/Galveston area.
Link application/x-maker CIA World Factbook
This website provides geographical information on all of the countries across the planet as well as reference maps and flags of the world.
Link BBC News, World Edition
A tremendous, well-rounded website that offers news from around the world, brought to you by the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Link Association of American Geographers
The AAG is a 7,500 member scientific and education society. You can learn more about geography and geographers here, and find out more about jobs and careers in geography as well.
Link object code What Does it Take to Become an Anthropologist and What do Anthropologists Do?
Meet six Smithsonian anthropologists and find out what inspired them to go into the field of anthropology and about their careers at the Smithsonian. Staff interviewed: Torben Rick, curator of North American archaeology and Human Environmental Interaction; David Hunt, physical anthropology collections manager, Deborah Hull-Walski, ethnology and archaeology collections manager; Gabriela Pérez Báez, curator of linguistics; Pam Wintle, film archivist, Human Studies Film Archives; and Stephen Loring, museum anthropologist, Arctic Stu dies Center. Many thanks to AAA member Ann Kaupp (Smithsonian) for forwarding the information. Web Advisory Group (WAG) grant made this project possible.
Link text/texmacs American Anthropological Association: For Students
Information and resources for students interested in taking anthropology courses or pursuing a degree in the field.
Link HCC CIT ET 1440/1450 Blog Site
Welcome to our blog space. We will use this for our online course collaborations and activities. In order to gain access to this site, you must have satisfactorily completed the ET 1440 Interactive Online Tools class to be enrolled in ET 1450.
Link HCC CIT ET1440/1450 Interactive Tools Practicum Wiki
Welcome to our wiki space. We will use this for our online course collaborations and activities. In order to gain access to this site, an admin/instructor of the ET1450 Interactive Tools Practicum Wiki must send you an invite - you must have satisfactorily completed the ET 1440 Interactive Online Tools class to be enrolled in ET 1450. It is a CLOSED/INVITE ONLY wiki space.
Link "Much Ado About Nothing" William Shakespeare