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Link audio/x-realaudio Topic Three: Society in the Victorian Era
Link audio/x-realaudio Topic Three: Society in the Victorian Era
Link Kindle Edition of "Introductory Chemistry, A Foundation" by Zumdahl & DeCoste
The price listed to the Kindle version of this textbook may be in error (January 2010). Before purchasing, please check with your instructor to be sure that the textbook and price are correct.
Link PGP keys Online Study Center (requires passkey)
For "Introductory Chemistry, A Foundation," 6th Edition, by Zumdahl & DeCoste. The site includes practice exams, tutorials, lecture videos, and flashcards. Passkeys for accessing the materials will be issued at the beginning of the semester.
Link Troff document Course Materials in Kindle and .pdf Format
Includes chapter notes and practice exams.
Link Corwin 7th Edition Textbook Information
Custom-published version sold in HCC bookstores. The "external link" under the description links to information about the full hardcover version.
Link Corwin 4th Edition Textbook Companion Site
Free, no login is required. The site includes practice quizzes by chapter and a math tutorial.
Link Google Translate
Link Java source code Download Java Runtime Environment
Allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language.
Link shell script Download Adobe Flash Player
Browser plug-in to play Macromedia Flash (.swf) animations.
Link application/x-troff-me Download Apple QuickTime Player
Free QuickTime player to view .mov video files.
Link Troff document Magic Floating Boat - Sulfur Hexafluoride (YouTube)
Another YouTube video hosted by young scientists Rosie & Anna.
Link Reactions of Alkali Metals with Water (YouTube)
This YouTube video shows reactions of the alkali metals lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium with water. After seeing this, you'll know why the Group I elements are called the "active" metals. Another video, a little on the nutty side but entertaining, is at Don't try this at home!
Link text/texmacs "The Elements" Song (website)
Written and sung by Tom Lehrer ca. 1955, animated by Mike Stanfill ca. 2002. Choose a connection speed to start the movie. Flash (.SWF) animation, 446 KB. There will be a short quiz after the song.
Link ECMAScript program Sample Movies from Chemistry Comes Alive! (website)
"Movies are only available on the Chemistry Comes Alive! CD-ROMs, but several samples are provided here. You must have QuickTime 4 or later to play these movies." From The Journal of Chemical Education Online.
Link application/x-troff-ms Organic Reaction Mechanisms (website)
A collection of 31 organic mechanisms in QuickTime format, about 500 KB each. Go to "Mechanisms & Movies" for the list of animations. From Organic Chemistry Online, by Paul R. Young, University of Illinois.
Link ECMAScript program Organic Chemistry YouTube Lectures (website)
This is just a YouTube search on "organic chemistry." Browse the videos to get an idea of what's there. Some are very entertaining and quite informative - a good way to get a quick overview or review of organic lecture topics.
Link TeX document Nuclear Chemisty (website)
"Click the following links to view videos relating to nuclear chemistry. These videos require QuickTime Plugin." From the Radiochemistry Society.
Link Plain Text Chemistry: The Science in Context (website)
This is the Student Website for "Chemistry: The Science in Context," by Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Natalie Foster, and Geoffrey Davies. It has quizzes and tutorials with Shockwave animations. Choose ChemTours from the menu bar at the top of the screen to see a list of animations.
Link Pascal source code Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment and other Shockwave Interactives
"This animation recreates Rutherford's gold foil experiment, which led to the discovery of the atomic nucleus." Another with narration is at