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Link text/texmacs NEB WebCutter 2.0 (Link may not work - Google NEB webcutter)
Link morguefile
Link The Truth About Why Mexico is Still Poor Today
A collective psychology of social class distinction is so deeply entrenched that even today Mexico is more akin to India than the rest of North America.
Link Why Conservatives Are Wrong About American Foreign Policy Today
The right-wing in America was dead wrong about the uprisings in Egypt. And today’s conservative stance on foreign policy appears increasingly awkward in the face of the historic social changes gripping the world.
Link Troff document Creating Curtain Walls in Autodesk Revit
Link Placing Doors in a Curtain Wall
Link Adding Stairs and Railings
Link Creating Multi-Level Stairs in Autodesk Revit
Link text/texmacs Shakespeare Parallel Texts
Link Turn It In
Link VCS/ICS calendar Chemistry Basics
Link Laurie Anderson, official website
Link Troff document Chris Burden, Shoot
Link Matthew Barney, Cremaster
Link C header Martin Puryear at The Modern in Fort Worth
Link Troff document Molly Ivins on Texas "Ort"
a clever clip about public sculpture in Texas
Link ECMAScript program Filmaking Techniques
The whole gamut of filmmaking techniques... a very good clip
Link Odessa Steps clip: Battleship Potemkin (1925)
Link Learning Web at Educause West/Southwest Regional Conference 2011
Link Pogo Sketch Stylus