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Link ECMAScript program Ability Services
Houston Community College is committed to creating an accessible learning community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. Ability Services strives to empower students, foster independence, and promote achievement of the student’s career and educational goals.
Link Counseling
Website for HCC Counseling Department. They provide holistic support for students pursuing their educational goals as well as a full range of professional services including personal and career counseling, academic skills enhancement, outreach programming, consultation, and crisis intervention.
Link HCC Student Experience Page
The HCC Student Experience webpage. It offers links to information important to HCC Students.
Link MyEagle
One stop shop with links important to students.
Link ECMAScript program Career Planning and Resources
This is the HCC online career and employment site that supports student success and transition. This system links students and alumni to a myriad of career resources, employment opportunities, and internship possibilities.
Link Jacksonian Democracy - Bank war, Trail of Tears
Link Monroe Doctrine
Link Excitation contraction coupling
Link Sliding filament theory of muscular contraction
Link ECMAScript program BBC: Food for Thought (Apes)
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Link BBC: Social Climbers (Monkeys)
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Link C header Fake News Watch
Categorized and alphabetized, this site also includes a search engine to quickly check websites for Fake/Hoax News, Satire, and Clickbait.
Link The "Heart of Texas" Website in the 2016 Election
How the Russians pretended to be Texans-- and Texans believed them
Link Fake Polls Are a Real Problem
This article discusses how it is increasingly difficult to tell a real poll from one that is merely invented to advance a cause, similar to the way social media bots are created to make a story "trend" or make it appear that there is a lot of support or a consensus about a certain political viewpoint. The article also shows some ways it is sometimes possible to tell the difference.
Link INRW 0100 34334 (F8B) Fall 2017 Connect Link
Link Troff document Flash Fiction Worksheet
Link Active and Passive Voice Lecture
Link Ruby script Adjective or Adverb
Link NY Times article link to "Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds"
NY Times article link to "Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds" please read prior to the GMO Lab
Link chemical/x-molconn-Z Link to "The evolution behind an agricultural showdown in Arkansas" pre-reading for GMO Lab
The evolution behind an agricultural showdown in Arkansas a teaching link to prep for the GMO Lab we will do in a few weeks