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Link The Knights of Labor (labor unions) article
Link The Populists (article)
Link The New South (article - good overview)
Link Compromise of 1877 (article)
Link Jim Crow - article
Link Life After Slavery for African Americans
Link Professor Raynor's TEDx Talk
Link Is there an online media release authorization for our students and their artwork?
Yes, there is. It is here. If you would like to give HCC permission to use your imagery (of you and or your artwork) please complete this online form. This has to do with publicity for the college and you and your work. Sometimes students/student work/student interviews in studios and galleries are featured on news and publicity for HCC. ...videos, still photos for web, tv, print... HCC can only publicize students and/or artworks that have permission from the student 18 years and older. This is optional. You decide. Here is the link:
Link Narrative Writing
Link Description Essay
Link ECMAScript program Context Clues
Link Endocrine System Part 1
Link Understanding Anatomic Terminology
Hi all, I've received a few queries via email about the lesson this week, so to get your feet wet, please check out this short video designed to introduce you to anatomic terminology. Enjoy! Peace, Professor Davis
Link application/x-maker XML Book
Link C header Lenscratch Art and Science July 2018
Link Book Link
Link chemical/x-isostar Photography II Freestyle Supply List
Do not buy all of the items on this list, these are suggestions for types of paper and film you will need for the class.
Link Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Study Page
Link HCC Statement of Care
Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live; and, believes this may affect their performance in the course, is urged to contact the Dean of Students for support. Food Scholarship | Houston Community College - HCC Food Scholarship in Partnership with Houston Food Bank. Work, food, bills, school and family obligations are the ultimate juggling act as a student.
Link Andrea Millette - website
Website for personal and professional work