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Link D source code Sky Maps - FREE download!
Download the current monthly sky map (free).
Link NASA's main website
NASA's main website, including updates on current missions and the ISS, NASA TV streaming online, astronaut biographies, and many other astronomy resources.
Link Space Update's main website
Watch a variety of planetarium shows and sign up for temporary membership to use "Space Update" software, which includes star charts and information on planets, the solar system, and many other astronomy subjects.
Link Troff document Intrepreting the TurnitIn Similarity Report
Link text/texmacs Netbook tutorial: email attachments
Link text/texmacs Azar PowerPoint Supplements
Link Azar Fun with Grammar
Link Fundamentals of English Grammar Teacher's Guide
Link GOVT 2305 Federal Government - Writing Guide
All, This is the Chicago Style of writing. Please refer to it when writing reports and papers. Thanks, WMullen
Link HCC Dual Credit Homepage and Handbook
Questions about the program, including HCC's expectations? Click here. It includes the handbook for parents and students and an explanation about FERPA.
Link Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA; PBS Frontline
Link application/x-troff-me Gnome: Black Sun Lit, 2017
A book-length lyric essay from Black Sun Lit. Published 2017.
Link image/x-jg Logical Fallacies Chart
Link D source code Logical Fallacies Explained
Link Kuta Software Site
Math Tutor
Link Introduction to Kubernetes - Free Self-Paced Course
Want to learn Kubernetes? Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications.
Link Troff document Ted Ed - Stage Fright
Ted Ed video about the causes and symptoms of stage fright and speech anxiety
Link CompTIA World - Magazine
Link Using WordPress 101
Link D source code IS PHILOSOPHY STUPID?
I can't think of a single person who has ever said that philosophy is stupid or worthless who actually understands anything about the subject. This is a great piece.