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Link Video Link - Evaluating Exponential Expressions
Link HCC & Professor Baykal support Dreamers
Read an Egalitarian article on Professor Baykal's support for Dreamers, alongside HCC Board member Zeph Capo and Houston City Council Member Robert Gallegos.
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Link The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing
Link ECMAScript program You Tube Video lecture - Tissues
Link application/x-troff-ms You Tube Video - Anatomical Position and Terms
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Link D source code "Nightmare in Jamestown" video - National Geographic (REQUIRED)
Link chemical/x-pdb Three Levels of Questioning: Assignment
Apply the "Three Levels of Questioning" model that was introduced in class to the article that is attached to the link.
Link Three Levels of Questioning: Class Example
3 Little Pigs
Link Anatomical Position and Terms Video Lecture
Link Troff document (with manpage macros) "Bitter Grounds" by Neil Gaiman
Link INRW 0410 Alief T-Th 10-11:50
Link INRW 0420 Alief T-Th 8-9:50
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Link Link to 'The Jungle' by Upton Sinclair (free access on
Link Link to 'The Jungle' by Upton Sinclair (free access on
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