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Link St. Joseph Clubhouse
Day Center for indiviuals' with various mental disorders
Link Octet Stream Gay Conversion USA
Link object code Gay Conversio
Link Troff document Documentary Addict
Free Documentarires
Link Muslim Draq Queens: A Gay Documentary for the LGBT Community
Link Use of geder reassignemnt to combat LGBT issues in Iran
Link A transgendered woman living under Sheria Law
Transgendered women in Indonesia gathers strength as new anti-gay sex laws roll out
Link ECMAScript program Redemption of a sex worker in the Houston Area (aka Peaches)
Link The Albino Foundation
Link Death of author Terry Pratchett (Advocate of Physician Assisted Suicide)
Short 5 min audio file. Pratchet (author) wrote over a variety of humanistic and dystopian stories, diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and an opponent of Physician Suicide
Link Overeaters Annonymous
Link C source code HRC
lobbying group that represent the LGBT ( gay) in Washington. Archives current laws per state that discriminate against housing, employment, inheritance, etc. due to your identification as a GLBT community
National Alliance of Mental Illness - Educational and Advocacy for People with mental illness
Link St. Joseph Clubhouse
Day Center for indiviuals' with various mental disorders
Link Octet Stream Hebrew Home: Facility for the treatment of Dementia
Link Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
A new religious movement that started in US
Link Green funerals in Houston
Link to a listing of green funerals in the Houston Area
Link Green Funerals
Movement of a green perspective on alternative burials
Link A Transgendered Police Office Marriage in Transition
Greg Abbink, the first transgender police officer in Austin, Texas, has had to come out of the closet twice in his life: first, many years ago, as a lesbian, and more recently, as transgender. His wife is going through some difficulties adjusting to Greg’s transition from female to male but she knows that Greg is the same person she fell in love with years ago when he was known as Emily.
Link Canada provides heroin users with high quality heroin (Harm Reduction)
Example of harm reduction