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Link application/x-cab Unit 3 Living Situations Vocab
Link C source code Ravens Are Evolving, and Not in the Way You'd Expect, from National Geographic
Ravens Are Evolving, and Not in the Way You'd Expect National Geographic Instead of branching into new species, raven groups experienced something called "speciation reversal." Thanks to my student, Lori, for sharing this!
Link ECMAScript program How to make prosthetic small pieces
How to make prosthetic small pieces
Link Bruising makeup fx tutorial
Bruising makeup fx tutorial
Link Pascal source code Bruised makeup
Bruised makeup
Link Pascal source code Black Eye makeup
Black Eye makeup
Link ECMAScript program Ben Nye's Game of Thrones Cuts and Bruises
Ben Nye's Game of Thrones Cuts and Bruises
Link Troff document The ultimate Guide to an FX Starter Kit
The ultimate Guide to an FX Starter Kit
Link Bear Attack Victim
Bear Attack Victim
Link application/msword Poetry Worksheet (Google Doc)
Please paste your poems in this Google Doc, making sure not to erase older work in the same doc. Thank you! Do not revise your first drafts in this document. Paste them in, and when the time comes to revise, revise in a separate document so we will have copies of first and later drafts, both. :)
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Please use this link to access the course information, grades, assignments, announcements, and other important course information.
Link Unit 8 Vocabulary review
Link Unit 7 Review
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Link ECMAScript program Passive Voice - "by zombies"
Link ECMAScript program biomembranes
Link Benefits of Enrolling in an English Composition Course
Please refer to your syllabus. A pre-requisite for GOVT 2305 is a passing grade in ENGL1301. Or you are to be co-enrolled in ENGL 1301. Please read the article that I have linked below. Thank you. WMullen
Link A brand new species by sympatric speciation!
A brand new species by sympatric speciation has been reported at the beginning of 2018! The New York Times article I've posted explains the history and importance of this event in non-scientific language, but I recommend that you take a look at the actual research paper published in Nature Ecology and Evolution at the link shown here------- This is a magnificent example of speciation by sympatric means, and is the best example I know of demonstrating the almost instantaneous appearance of a new species by a whole genome nondisjunction event. I would hesitate to characterize this event as a mutation, as you see in The Times article, since much work still needs to be done concerning the actual DNA sequences involved. It most certainly appears to be a stunning example of gene duplication in an animal species, and seems to have happened recently in a completely natural environment. Please also look at the "Evolution of Wheat" paper I've posted in this section for another example of speciation by ploidy. This event was of incalculable importance to humans in the Fertile Crescent!----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nature Ecology and Evolution is an offshoot of the journal Nature, one of the most important and prestigious scientific journals in the world. Papers published in Nature have been subjected to peer review, and demonstrate a high degree of scientific rigor and confidence. In 1953, Nature published James Watson's and Francis Crick's landmark paper which first outlined the structure of DNA, for which they both received the Nobel Prize in 1962.---------------------------------------------------------------
Link Consider the Lobster
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