Project Timeline

A brief timeline of the Learning Web Project


  • Spring 2011 semester, all six regional colleges begin using the district-wide Learning Web
  • The Instructional Media Center adds all academic discipline and workforce program information to to the Learning Web
  • User statistics as of November 2011:
    • Over 3,050 faculty have self-registered
    • 108 disciplines and programs have been added
    • Nearly 15,000 course syllabi have been added by faculty
    • 25,000+ additional instructional resources have been added by faculty
  • Traffic statistics September 2010 - November 2011:
    • 1,432,480 Visits
    • 11,269,153 Pageviews


  • Enfold Systems is contracted to provide software development services for the project and to host and support the district-wide version of the Learning Web
  • Northwest College pilots the new Learning Web for the Fall 2010 semester; Southwest College joins mid-semester


  • Passage of HB 2504 by the Texas Legislature, requiring that each course taught at a public college or university provide an instructor curriculum vitae and course syllabus
  • The Learning Web is chosen to become the platform used at HCC to meet the mandate with all six colleges as well as the academic discipline and workforce program repositories migrating to one platform
  • Tom Haymes and Sandra LeBron are chosen as representatives of the Educational Technology Council to provide oversight for the project; Jordan Carswell, Ruben Duran and Harold Scott are asked to serve on the development team


  • Second recommended Learning Web build, introducing a significantly simplified user experience, is implemented successfully at Central, Northwest and Southwest Colleges
  • Project developers begin discussions about consolidating individual college Learning Web sites to a single district-wide platform


  • Number of faculty using the Learning Web to post course materials on the open Web reaches over 1,000 users


  • First recommended build of the Learning Web is developed to be used among the six colleges and district, utilizing Enfold System's proxy and server products for hosting Plone in a Windows Server environment
  • The Learning Web is implemented at Northeast, Southeast and Coleman Colleges
  • HCC's Instructional Media Center implements district Learning Web as an academic discipline repository


  • The Northwest Learning Web switches to Zope-based Plone
  • The Learning Web is adopted by all HCC's regional colleges with the college Instructional Design Coordinators to provide oversight of the project, which is to be maintained by a project team of college web developers
  • Ruben Duran from Central College and Harold Scott from Southwest College join the project as web developers
  • Central and Southwest Colleges are the next colleges to implement versions of the Learning Web


  • Learning Web project started by Jordan Carswell at Northwest College after conversations with faculty about having an alternative to the learning management system for publishing course materials online
  • First Learning Web site debuts at Northwest using ZWiki, a Zope-based wiki product