Learning Web 1.1

Released February 17, 2010

Issues Resolved

  • Personal Preferences: Selected subject areas are not saved
  • Subject Area: "Faculty Members" link returns 0 results
  • Faculty advanced search returns 0 results when Subject Area criteria is used
  • No warning message displayed when faculty attempt to rename courses and syllabl
  • Remove from Portfolio, Subject Area, and Course products ability to change Display view to default content item
  • TinyMCE: Styles drop down not functioning in IE 7/8
  • Password Reset Tool: No error message for invalid user name
  • LearningWebFolder: Subfolder code needs to be removed from template
  • Resources Directory: Author and Course Area information not displayed in search results

Product Updates

  • Add Syllabus to searchable content types in Resources Advanced Search box
  • Change author link in byline to direct to portfolio instead of author page
  • Folder Sections: Hide in edit menu when there are no sections; make required if visible
  • Learning Web Settings: Rename "Subjects Vocabulary" to "Course Areas Vocabulary"
  • Links for content items in portlets should go to viewable page with link
  • Portfolio: Make "Courses" heading conditional
  • Registration Form Helper Text Updates
  • Registration Form: Normalize case of email and user name
  • Subject Area: Change courses section
  • Syllabus: Edit form clean-up
  • Syllabus: Ability to associate with Subject Vocabulary
  • Registration Form: Make Subject Area association required
  • LearningWebFolder: Add Workflow

New Features

  • Contact Information form with support options by college
  • Lightbox display view for Image Gallery folder
  • Image Editor integration with portrait creation, Image, Book and Subject Area content types
  • Embeddable Video for Link content types
  • Events Folder for adding extra-curricular events to site