Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1301)

Instructor: Abayomi Balogun

SOCI 1301 is a survey course which focuses on the nature of human groups in American and world societies, their social and cultural adaptations, and the impact which various social processes may have on their social organization and social change.

SOCI 1301 requires college-level reading and writing skills.  Research indicates that you are most likely to succeed if you have already taken and passed ENGL 1301.  The minimum requirements for enrollment in SOCI 1301 include placement in college-level reading (or take GUST 0342 as a co-requisite) and placement in college-level writing (or take ENGL 0310/0349 as a co-requisite).  If you have enrolled in this course without having satisfied these prerequisites, you are at higher risk of failure or withdrawal than students who have done so, and you should carefully read and consider the repeater policy notice that follows.