Integrated Reading & Writing I (INRW 0410)

Instructor: Annie Tsui

This course is a combined 3 hour lecture/1 hour lab (technology/writing), performance-based course designed to develop students critical reading and academic writing skills. The focus of the course will be on applying critical reading skills for organizing, analyzing, and retaining material and developing written work appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of the assignment. The course integrates complementary reading and writing assignments with special emphasis given to reasoning and responding to issues arising from class readings.  This course is designed to prepare students for college level reading and writing intensive courses including ENGL1301.  Students will learn to write effective, logical paragraphs and essays, utilizing textual support to develop reading comprehension strategies, to analyze, synthesize and make value judgments using critical thinking. Lab required.  Students who successfully complete this course will qualify to take INRW0420.