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Media Embed HCC Hype Manolo Blahnik & Neiman Marcus Installation Link Link Houston Chronicle Article on Professor Ansell's Art November 2014 Link Lenscratch Art and Science July 2018 Link Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly - Boston Globe Article April 13, 2017 Professor Ansell created a collaborative public art installation at the Boston ICA in 2017 and this article is about that piece. Media Embed Bennie Flores Ansell installs 2,000 image dots at CPW Center for Photography Installation in Woodstock, New York Link Professor Ansell's Public Art Piece at The University of Houston Bennie Flores Ansell (Filipino, b. 1967) NEMO, 2002 Digital color photograph, wood and glass collection boxes, and police patches; Photograph: 48 x 60 inches, collection boxes: 16 x 20 inches Link Women and Their Work Exhibit 2000 Bennie Flores Ansell | I 2K-Imelda 2000 Thu Jun 22, 2000 - Sat Jul 29, 2000 Bennie Flores Ansell has created a unique photographic installation titled I 2K- Imelda 2000, after the show’s largest work, a huge swarm of 2000 shoe-butterflies. Ansell has photographed the most outrageous, colorful, exotic, and torturous sets of high-heeled shoes that she can find. The shoes have been placed directly on a scanner for maximum, if flattened, realistic rendering on transparent plastic. Media Embed Edutube HCC Video on Fish Out of Water - Boston Student Trip 2017 Professor Bennie Ansell took six students and Professor Corey Ackelmire to Boston for the unveiling and continuing installation of her piece in the Boston ICA Art Lab. Ansell created a laser-cut stencil in wood of a flying fish so the museum visitors could draw on acetate film, then color and cut out for installation to represent their own journey by writing their country of origin on the fish. The flying fish are then pinned to the wall according to a map created by Ansell to make an ever-growing swarm on the walls of the Art Lab until September. Link Q+A with Artist Bennie Flores Ansell Mar 10, 2017 We sat down to talk about the digitalizing of photography, high heels, flying fish, looking with two eyes, air plants, and the journeys we’ve all made to get where we are today.