Photography I (ARTS 2356)


Photography One is a darkroom and digital photography course.

  1. ARTS 2356 Photography I: Introduction to the basics of photography. Includes camera operation, techniques, knowledge of chemistry, and presentation skills. Emphasis on design, history, and contemporary trends as a means of developing an understanding of photographic aesthetics.  (Cross-listed, with journalism emphasis, as COMM 1318) As defined in the Academic Course Guide Manual (AGCM) produced by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2009 (THECB)
  2. ARTS 2356 Photography I: An introduction to basic photographic basics including darkroom procedure and digital processing. The student will examine various aesthetic approaches to photographing as well as some history of photography. This course will emphasize aesthetic aspects of photography such as design and composition, as well as content. Photography I is a prerequisite for Photography II. This course satisfies the fine arts component of the HCC core. (As listed in the 2009-2011 HCC Catalog.)