Exam 2 Questions

Short Answer Questions Exam # 2

Compromise and Freedom

1.)    What compromise or agreement surfaced that eventually led to the creation of the Continental Army in 1775, which at the time, was strongly opposed by many of the colonies? Please include in your answers examples of historical events, and other interesting points shown or discussed from class that paved the way for the Army to be formed? Make sure to focus or emphasize just how much many felt that an Army was needed and those who opposed, which highlighted the differences and divisions among the 13 colonies.


2.)    What compromise took place to begin the process of discussing and later to vote on a declaration from England during the 2nd Continental Congress of 1776?  Please include in your answer the example that was portrayed in the movie 1776 and why it was important.  Please zero in on the overall historical significance and importance on why and how come the situation was being pushed or enforced this way when deciding such an issue.



3.)     What compromise was reached that eventually led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence as portrayed from the movie 1776?  Please provide the one example that was still divisive and was very controversial.  Once again, please stay on target and emphasis on why and how much stress this one compromise would impact America and more importantly the symbolic gesture or vibrations it would cause.



4.)    What was the compromise called that eventually led to the creation of the new government in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention?  Why was a Constitution needed and more importantly what tone or precedent would it create once such compromise was reached and confirmed as it relates to America then and now. Please include in your answers all of the issues, topics, and eventual resolution that formed the new government in America.

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