Exam 3 Questions

Fighting for Freedom

Question # 1

The Missouri Compromise played a major role in America's history in the early 1800s.  Explain how important and significant this law was as it relates to necessity and overall reason the law was written.  Please pay attention to why and what impact this would have on America throughout the 1800s as the struggle and continuation of freedom was still being waged and fought.


Question # 2

What role would the Gold Rush have on America's growth and expansion west during the mid 1850s?  In a good 1 page or 2 page essay make sure to discuss and include in your answer one way in which Americans traveled to participate in this mad race for wealth. In addition, please cover the overall meaning the Gold Rush would have on the entire political landscape as it relates to freedom and more importantly, the quest to fight for it.


Question # 3

Fighting for freedom took many forms and one very important form was the idea of freedom as outlined and discussed in the Kansas-Nebraska Act.  Why was this Act so controversial and yet so popular?  Use any notes, class discussions, etc to answer in what capacity was this indeed a fight for freedom?   In addition, please consider and think of the most obvious and best excellent example that emphasizes and illustrates just how dire this one Act was in America and its continued fight for freedom?


Question # 4

Bleeding Kansas was one event in America during the 1850s that was widely contested and very controversial.  In a good 1 page or 2 page paragraph  pick any 2 of the examples that occurred during this time and discuss how both examples just exacerbated the problem when freedom was at stake?  In addition, focus and stress the overall impact that this will have on America and Americans.

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