Information Literacy, Student Inquiry, and Libraries (LBRA 1191)

Instructor: Carmen Walton

This is a sample syllabus.

Information Literacy, Student Inquiry, and Libraries

LBRA 1191

Spring 2020, 16 Weeks

1-hour lecture course online/ 16 hours per semester


Instructor: Carmen Walton

Email: [email protected]

Felix Fraga Library, Room 306

Office Phone Number: 713-718-6960 (feel free to leave a message)


Your success in my class is the most important and I am available to hear your concerns. Please feel free to come by the library if you have questions regarding your course. Your performance in my class is very important.

Be sure to start your assignments early so that you have the opportunity to ask questions.


Instructor’s Preferred Method of Contact

Contact me through email. I will respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday. On weekends, evenings or holidays, response will be the following business day. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding this course. Your success is very important to me!


My Personal Welcome

Welcome to LBRA 1191! I am happy to see all of you joining my library course. I hope you are ready to learn how to navigate the library and the vast resources HCC offers. I am here to help you along to find the best possible references for your class assignments. 



Access to the Internet and use of Internet Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.


Course Description

An introduction to information accessible in libraries and online sources with self-directed learning as they apply in academic contexts.


Course Goal

This course focuses on successfully assisting students in locating, evaluating and completing research projects. To encourage and promote lifelong reading and learning.


Instructional Materials

No textbook is required for this course however the following resources can or will be used:


Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)

Upon Completion of this training, the student will be able to:

  1. Read and evaluate print, nonprint, and online articles.

  2. Distinguish the importance of information sources.

  3. Identify library research vs. search engines.

  4. Distinguish the process of information and distribution.

  5. Analyze the importance of plagiarism and copyright.




Course and Library Introduction to Reference and Information

Finding Sources; Research Process. Discuss Future Research Paper and Thesis Statement.

Vocabulary: Information, Sources, Articles, Citation, Thesis, Research, Authentication

Due: LBRA Pre-test

Due: Library Introduction Quiz 1



Research Process, Selection, Evaluation. Find sources on the library website.

Vocabulary: Bibliography, Periodicals, Serials, Abstracts, Catalog, Media

Due: Selection of a research topic. 



Research Process. Library Research vs. Search Engines. Common Citation Styles: MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style.

Overview of Sources.

Vocabulary: Types of Sources: Primary, Secondary, Scholarly. References, Works Cited, Bibliography, Reference Page. Common Citation Styles: MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style.

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 2



Research Process. Select, download a reference source from the HCC Library.

How to create a Citation using the HCC Library source and an outside source.

Vocabulary: Operators, Truncation, Keyword, Limiters



Sources from eBooks, Databases, and Media. Tame the Web.

Online Sources from Search Engines.

 Vocabulary: Parts of a Book: Title Page, Table of Contents, Index, Author, Editor, Edition, ISSN

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 3       

Due: Evaluation on a Reference Source Due



Plagiarism and Copyright.

Vocabulary: Plagiarism, Quotation, Common Knowledge, Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, Trademark

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 4

Due: Evaluation of an eBook Due



Understanding of Plagiarism.

Where to find online: Government (Federal, State, and Local), Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

Vocabulary: Government Documents, Public Domain

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 5



Review Plagiarism. 

Review Vocabulary.

Learn the difference between OER and free online articles.

Due: Evaluation of an Article.



Basics on Thesis.

Review for Major Exam. 

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 6



Review Thesis and basics of a paper. 

Due: Thesis Statement. 

Major Exam 1



Continue to work on Final Paper References. 

Due: Vocabulary Quiz 7



Review outside sources vs. library sources.

Due: Quiz 8



Citation assistance for Final Paper. 

Due: Quiz 9



Work on Final Paper



Due: Final Paper



Final Review



Instructional Methods and Activities Assessments

This course requires an instructional method that requires lecture, discussions, readings, and exercises. Students have the responsibility to attend class, read the class materials, and submit assignments and quizzes on time. They are also required to participate three days a week with class discussions. Most of your class will be in individual or collaborative searching for sources. Please come to class prepared and ready to have fun.


Grading Formula

1 major exam


9 quizzes (Lowest grade dropped)


1 writing assignments/papers


16 online discussions


1 Final exam


Total Points: 



You can expect grades to be posted within 36 hours after the due date.

Begin with the first several modules of the course. I will open other modules and assignments and make them available to you as we move along. That way, you can keep a couple of weeks ahead if you choose. Feel free to email me through the Inbox contained within this online course, which is located in the lower left-hand corner of your Eagle Online page.


Participation Recommendations

One important component of successfully completing this course consists of logging in to the course a minimum of twice a week to get your assignments, reading announcements, and posting discussions. Logging in daily is recommended.  

Read the assigned chapters for each module. Complete the assignments and participate in the discussions for each module. Take the tests by the due dates on the Course Schedule.

I strongly recommend that you access the course daily to read any messages or announcements.


HCC Policies

Here’s the link to the HCC Student Handbook: 

In it you will find information about the following:

  • Academic Information

  • Academic Support

  • Attendance, Repeating Courses, and Withdrawal

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  • disAbility Support Services

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  • General Student Complaints

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  • Health Awareness

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  • Police Services & Campus Safety

  • Student Life at HCC

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Student Services

  • Testing

  • Transfer Planning

  • Veteran Services


Campus Carry Link

Here’s the link to the HCC information about Campus Carry:


HCC Email Policy

When communicating via email, HCC requires students to communicate only through the HCC email system to protect your privacy. If you have not activated your HCC student email account, you can go to HCC Eagle ID and activate it now. You may also use Canvas Inbox to communicate.


Office of Institutional Equity

Use the link below to access the HCC Office of Institutional Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement 


disAbility Services

HCC strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers based on your disability (including long and short term conditions, mental health, chronic or temporary medical conditions), please meet with a campus Abilities Counselor as soon as possible in order to establish reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process between you, your instructor(s) and Ability Services. It is the policy and practice of HCC to create inclusive and accessible learning environments consistent with federal and state law. For more information, please go to 


Title IX

Houston Community College is committed to cultivating an environment free from inappropriate conduct of a sexual or gender-based nature including sex discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Sex discrimination includes all forms of sexual and gender-based misconduct and violates an individual’s fundamental rights and personal dignity. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex-including pregnancy and parental status in educational programs and activities. If you require an accommodation due to pregnancy please contact an Abilities Services Counselor. The Director of EEO/Compliance is designated as the Title IX Coordinator and Section 504 Coordinator. All inquiries concerning HCC policies, compliance with applicable laws, statutes, and regulations (such as Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504), and complaints may be directed to:

David Cross Director EEO/Compliance Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity 3100 Main (713) 718-8271 Houston, TX 77266-7517 or [email protected]

Course Information

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