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Information on Ethics Bowl at HCC and the PHIL 2285 Ethics Bowl Class. Keywords: Ethics, critical thinking, debate, public speaking, philosophy.




Class: Phil 2285 - 8151  CRN 14577

"Cooperative in Philosophy."

Instructor/ Coach: Jason Jenson   Coach: Cinnamon Jenson

Spring Branch, Fridays, 12:00-2:00 pm. Times and locations may be flexible to your schedule.


Ethics Bowl is a nationally recognized team debate competition where student teams examine ethical case studies drawn from a wide range of areas (biomedical ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, personal ethics, etc.). The students develop a moral position on the cases and defend it before a panel of judges and a competing team. After a team presents their position on a case, they are challenged with a commentary from the other team. They respond to that challenge and to additional questions about their position from the judges. Judges evaluate the team's performance in terms of the coherence of the  team's argument, whether the team thoroughly identifies and discusses the central moral dimensions of the case, and the team's response to challenges.

The Texas regional competition occurs each year in San Antonio usually in mid-November.  If we are successful in this competition, we will take the team to the National Competition.

Interested students should enroll in PHIL 2285 in the Fall Semester.  You do not need any special knowledge of ethics to participate. It is recommended, but not required, that you take an Ethics class (Phil 2306). We will use part of the class to prepare you on the use of ethical theory. The rest of the class involves preparing the cases and practice debate.


Some of the life-long benefits are:

Critical thinking and analytic skills!

Communication skills and public speaking!

Knowledge of ethical theories and application to everyday life!


Civic Engagement!

Skills in respectful, rational conversations!

Increase confidence!

Have fun!

Plus, it looks great on your resume/ CV. 


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Here is what our 2017 and 2018 team members say about what the Ethics Bowl means to them:




2018 Ethics Bowl team.





Ethics Bowl team, 2018. Chris Jenson, Cinnamon Jenson, RaeSheena Brown, Luke Kahl, Fernando Mancha, Dhaha Al Ogaidi






RaeSheena Brown, Phoenix Thompson, Rebecca Rivera, Yancey Elguezabal, Mia Perez

Our incredible team earned 15th place out of 24 colleges at the Texas Regional Ethics Bowl, Nov 11, 2018. We were the only team from Houston, and the only Community College!





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More information about the National Ethics Bowl can be found at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics website. Here is a link to the Cases, Rules, and Guidelines. You are encouraged to download some sample cases and an IEB Judges Scoresheet from this site.


Here is a link to a youtube video of the judge's training video which includes a sample debate.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlnqhZUo21I&feature=youtu.be (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The debate starts at about 8:45 min mark.

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