Career Essay Example

Moyston-Ferguson     1     

Professor Connaelia Moyston-Ferguson

GUST 1270

23 November 2010


            I plan to become an English professor.  A professor is someone who teaches at the collegiate level.  In order to become an English professor I must attain a bachelor’s degree in  English, a Master’s degree in English, and maybe even a Doctorate’s degree in English if I want to teach at a university.  There is no professional exam required in order to become a professor.  I will need to take a lot of classes in higher level English; such classes will include literature and advanced grammar.  The typical starting salary for an English professor varies.  Salaries range from $28,870 to $121,850 depending upon what level is being taught and the level of rank at the institution.  A professor can expect to work anywhere from 20-40 hours per week.  

There are many positive aspects about this career.  One is the hours worked, a professor can work only 20 hours per week!  The second positive aspect is the flexibility in the scheduling.  A professor can create a schedule that allows them to only work two days a week.  Two negative aspects of this career are that you may have to go to school for a long time.  Most professors who work at a university have a doctorate degree.  This requires you to attend school for eight years.  The second negative aspect is the job outlook.  Although there are a good number of jobs, they can be difficult to find.  One might have to move to an undesirable location to find a position.

Professor jobs can be located in almost any city and almost every country.  Major companies that hire professors in this area are the Houston Community College System, Lone Star College System, and the University of Houston System.  Professional organizations for English professors include the National Association of College Professors and the Texas Community College Association. 

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