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Curlink Art

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Curlink Art is a Resource for full and part-time ARTS faculty.  Included are Core Syllabus Templates for ARTS 1301, 1303, and 1304, and the most recent Studio Syllabus Templates. (Studios are not part of the HCC CORE.) CHANGE the semester calendar and due dates and your personal course I. D. information. Wording for the Creative Arts Core Objectives AND the Core Assessment paragraph are included in the Studio Templates to demonstrate our support of the Core objectives, however Studio courses are no longer core courses for students who enrolled after fall 2014.

IDEA SHARE is place to submit and discover new project ideas, techniques, demos, grading rubrics, slide shows, or video links.  Each course has a folder. Until July 26, 2016, send contributions to [email protected] Let us know how a new idea works. We benefit from sharing.

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Thank you all for your work. Have a great semester!