ENGLISH COMPOSITION I - Dual Credit (fall '17) (ENGL 1301)

Instructor: Ioanna Panos

Course page for dual credit ENGL 1301 Composition I at Seven Lakes High School (fall 2017).

Textbook: The Norton Reader, 14e. ISBN: 978-0-393-26411-1 (published December 2015) 
Copies will be available at any HCC bookstore, although your best option is the Katy Campus.  Older editions do not have all of the readings.

Faculty Learning Web (FLW) (this thing):  The original syllabus, working syllabus, course policies, and all course materials will be uploaded here. PowerPoint slides appear after the teaching day.

Canvas - Learning Management System (LMS):  Free!  We will have a computer lab day to get you into the system and practice some common exercises. 

Writing Materials:  Pencils or pens, but avoid using red or pink for quizzes and tests. Paper for notes and exercises.

You will have vocabulary throughout the semester. Some students find it helpful to create a separate section in their notebooks or binders to keep the vocabulary words in one place.

"Half Sheets": We have almost daily, short quizzes that I call "half-sheet quizzes." Normally, these are 3 - 5 questions covering something we have recently discussed and / or basic recall of what you should have read for the day. You may use any sheets of paper for these quizzes, including whatever you find in the recycling bins.

HCC Student ID:  You will need this to access the HCC library databases. Contact any HCC library for an appointment to make an ID. The closest one is in Katy. The Spring Branch campus is off of I-10 opposite Memorial City Mall. Your first ID is free, but you will have to pay a replacement fee for a lost or damaged one.

Cover Norton Reader 14e
Cover Norton Reader 14e