Environmental Science (GEOL 1305)

Instructor: Karen Yip

Spring 2021

CRN 18787 - Online asynchronous - Syllabus


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In this course students will be expected to access certain class materials, find assignments, take quizzes, read announcements, and make some course submissions on the class' Eagle Online (Canvas) website. Course notes will also be posted on Eagle Online. So, please ensure your access to computers on- or off-campus.

Eagle Online can be accessed here: https://eagleonline.hccs.edu


COURSE DESCRIPTION: A survey of the forces, including humans, that shape our physical and biologic environment, and how they affect life on Earth. Introduction to the science and policy of global and regional environmental issues, including pollution, climate change, and sustainability of land, water, and energy resources. Core Curriculum Course. 3 unit course

Prerequisites: Must be placed into GUST 0342 (or higher) in reading and ENGL 0310/0349 (or higher) in writing.

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Environmental Science 15th ed textbook cover
Environmental Science 15th ed textbook cover