3. Get Visual Studio IDE

Student required materials: 1. Windows 10 or Window version that can run Visual Studio Community 2019. 2. Visual Studio Community 2019 download and installed with < .NET desktop development > All required materials are mandatory for students to receive full-credit for assignments, discussions, major programming projects, etc. Students must work out of the course textbook in this course. Students must program applications in WinForms format of C#-.NET only. Students can not use Macs, Chromebooks, etc. There is no work-around. Students will be required to provide evidence of Windows computer combine with Visual Studio Community 2019 + .NET desktop development throughout this course. Full version of WinForms is only available on Windows machines. This is a Microsoft course, with Microsoft products only. If you are not sure then ask the instructor via Canvas - Inbox, as soon as possible. MAC users and Chromebook users - you will have to go to your HCC library to get a Windows loaner computer. Or purchase a personal Windows 10 computer with at least 8GB RAM and 250 HD space, click on requirements and read thoroughly before purchasing. Or go to your local HCC library and use the library's computers..